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Twenty years of hosting quiz nights are crammed into this new book. You can grab Norfolk and Chance from Amazon. It is available in both paperback and Kindle format.

Paperback – £9.99 – via Amazon

Kindle – £4.99 – via Amazon

Norfolk and Chance is out now

If you have been good enough to buy the book, check out some additional chapter notes and photos, available exclusively below.

Additional Chapter Notes

Early in the quiz career Karen and I went to Suffolk for a quiz and posed for this exclusive photo:

Showing off the first and only batch of clipboard merch

In the Chapter about 2012 I refer to a 14th German church and a wedding reception involving some German nudists. I have been contacted by a very good friend to clarify the church was actually built in the 19th Century and is the world famous Kaiser Wilhelm church which was rebuilt after the 2nd world war. Here is a photo of a happy couple making a high speed exit from that very same church.

Exit from the 19th Century church